Department of Onconology

The department of clinical oncology is headed by dr shahin rashid. The staff includes one medical officer and four house officers. The department is working on out-patient basis and is providing services to cancer patients from all over the punjab. A total of 11,607 patients were provided treatment in year 2016. 2000 chemotherapies were given to cancer patients. Reports of 250  non-affording  cancer patients were submitted for chief miister budget through the special medical board with the provision of  40 million rupees in the favour of cancer patients of sgrh, inmol, genum, shifa international etc consequently for the year 2016.  The meeting of special medical board is scheduled on weekly basis.

Breast cancer, gynaecological cancer, lymphoma and colorectal are common malignancies. A number of targeted therapies along with conventional cytotoxic chemotherapeutic drugs  are  provided to cancer patients free of cost through  zakat  from social welfare department, through patient welfare  society and pakistan  baitul mal. Expensive therapies are provided through chief minister budget.

All the investigations including blood chemistries, histopathology, tumor markers are done in clinical laboratory of sgrm and pathology department of fatima jinnah medical university free of cost for cancer patients.


Dr. Shahin Rashid

Medical Officer


Dr. Ramisha Shamaun