Student Guidelines

Dress Code

  • It is important that doctors dress in line with the expectation of the public in general, patients and your families in particular, by developing simplicity and respectability in general attire.
  • Students must be at all times dress up properly & wear white coats & identity card.

Identity Card

  • To establish an identity as a medical student & to allow free movement on the campus it is important to display identity cards at all times.
  • New students should submit photographs for their ID cards to Prof. Shireen Khawar in Physiology Department during the first week of the academic year.

Student Health

  • Medical examination of all first year students is performed at the time of admission.
  • Any un well student can report to the out-patient departments or to their respective department consultant and depending upon the severity of the disease may be recommended treatment or admission.
  • In the case of an emergency boarder involve the house keeper who will facilitate their check-up at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore and will be dealt with on a priority basis.
  • In the case of need for admissions, student’s sick rooms are available in the private wing of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.

Tutorial System / Mentor Programme

  • The students are divided into groups, every group being made up of a proportion of students from every class. The group tutors comprise of senior faculty members of the institution. A student once placed in a group will remain in that, till she leaves the institution. The tutor in charge of the group will meet the respective group of students according to the schedule drawn by the head of the institution.
  • The objective of the tutorial group meetings is to keep the staff and students in touch with one another and to promote mutual good feelings and understanding. Each tutor looks personally into all difficulties of students in the tutorial group (individually or collectively), which may be referred to him/her for opinion and advice.
  • Any grievance, which the students may have with regard to the institutional life, should be brought to the notice of their tutors in the first instance that will enquire into the matter and bring these to the notice of the Head of the institution, if necessary.

Student Counselling Services

  • The college provides counselling services for students who may be experiencing problems of any nature. Students can avail these services by making an appointment with Dr. Rahat Sarfraz, Associate Prof. Pathology department and Dr. Ammara Butt, Assistant Prof. Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.