• December 20, 2023
The Annual International Scientific Conference 2023 of Fatima Jinnah Medical University is being held in collaboration with the Fatima Jinnah Medical College Alumni Association of North America (FJMCAANA), FJMC Alumni Association (UK) under the patronage of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal (Tamgha e Imtiaz / Presidential Pride of Performance). Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Kamran Khalid Khawaja is Chairperson Organising Committee, Prof Noreen Akmal Principal FJMC is Convener and Chairperson Department of Medicine/Director QEC/Dean Nursing Prof Bilquis Shabbir is Secretary Organising Committee.
Registrar Prof Muhammad Nadeem, Deans Prof Ayesha Malik, Prof Abdul Hamid, Prof Alia Zahid, are members of the Organising Committee.
The event was attended by medical experts including Fatima Jinnah Medical College Alumni Association North America Dr. Hibba Haider and Dr. Fauzia Anwar, Dr. Warda Tariq Shafi from Fatima Jinnah Medical College Alumni Association (UK) and Dr. Athar Ahmad Saeed, Dr Tabinda Dugal,Dr. Naeem Majeed, Dr. Rahat Ali, and Dr. Ambreen Sajid.
Other international and local speakers included Prof. Tahir Andrabi, Dr Tabinda Dugal, Dr Maleeha Hameed, Dr. Zahid Bashir, Dr. Saeed Akhtar, Dr. Imtiaz Hussain, Dr. Sheepar Mirza, Dr. Imran Nisar, Mr. Usman Khalid Waheed, Dr. Atif Muneer, Dr. Zia-ul-Hassan, Prof. Naeem Afzal, Prof. Bilal Bin Yunus, Prof. Aliya Bashir, Prof. Rubina Sohail, Prof. Dr. Tayyab, Prof. Fauzia Amber and Dr. Oroog Ali participated in the Conference.
On the first day of the conference, four parallel sessions were held in four different halls. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, attended all four sessions and appreciated the full participation of the participants in the sessions.
The first session on *Education* was held in the auditorium under the leadership of Prof. Kamran Khalid Khawaja, in which Prof. Munazza Iqbal and Dr. Warda Tariq Shafi participated as guests.Dr. Taimur Tariq Shafi spoke in detail about the importance of “Leadership in Medical Education and Training,” Prof. Tahir Andrabi gave a lecture on “Post COVID Primary Educational Landscape,” Ms. Maleeha Hameed discussed “By LEAPS and Bounds, Education for the Disadvantaged,” Dr. Zahid Bashir delivered a lecture on “Non-medical Education for Medical Students,” Dr. Saeed Akhtar discussed “Primary Education in Faisalabad,” and Ms. Zoha Waqar highlighted the importance of breastfeeding.
The second session on *Vaccinations* was held in Lecture Hall 3 under the leadership of Prof. Fauzia Ishaq, in which Prof. Rashid Mahmood and Dr. Naeem Majeed participated as guests.Dr. Naeem Majeed discussed “EPI: Overview, Achievements, and the Way Forward,” Dr. Imtiaz Hussain gave a brief discussion on “BankMicro-survey on Immunization Coverages in Lahore.” Dr. Sheepar Mirza gave a lecture on “Immune response to PCV 10 in individuals with and without Type 2 diabetes.” Dr. Imran Nisar presented a detailed talk on “Introducing the HPV Vaccine in Pakistan,” and Mr. Usman Khalid Waheed gave a detailed discussion on “Making Vaccines in Pakistan.”
The third session on *Diabetes and Non-Communicable Diseases* was held in Lecture Hall 6 under the leadership of Prof. Bilquis Shabbir, in which Prof. Shireen Khawar and Dr. Rahat Ali participated as guests.Dr. Rahat Ali presented “Diabetes Epidemic in Pakistan: A Ticking Time Bomb,” Dr. Atif Muneer delivered a lecture on “Landscape of Type 1 Diabetes in Pakistan,” Dr. Zia ul Hasan discussed “The Diabetic Clinic for Universal Access,” Prof. Naeem Afzal talked about “Remission in Type 2 Diabetes,” Prof. Bilal Bin Yunus discussed “Mobile Units for Diabetes Care,” and Prof. Muhammad Aftab briefed about “Malnutrition and Diabetes: Contrasting Problems in a Third World Country.”
The fourth session on *Reproductive Health* was held at the Department of Medical Education under the leadership of Prof. Noreen Akmal and Prof. Ayesha Malik, in which Prof. Shamsa Humayun and Dr. Ambreen Sajid participated as guests. Dr. Ambreen Sajid delivered a comprehensive lecture on “Cervical Screening, Prevention of Cervical Cancer, Colposcopy Services,” and “Mothers and Babies: Reducing Risks Through Audits and Confidential Enquiries” (MBBRACE) and Dr. Noreen Zafar briefed the participants with reference to “Cervical Cancer Elimina on Strategy EMR and Pakistan.”
*Reproductive Health*
The workshop started with an introductory note by Prof. Aisha Malik.The session was started by Prof Dr. Aliya Bashir. She discussed about Menopause and Health Challenges.Next talk was about violence against health care workers by Prof Rubina Sohail.Prof Dr. Tayyab upgraded the knowledge regarding Updates in Management of PCOs. Then Prof. Fauzia Amber discussed the new cervical screening strategies. Dr. Ambreen Sajid talked about leading causes of maternal mortality and mortality in UK .
During the conference, a poster competition was also organized by the Department of Community Medicine, in which various posters were displayed by the students. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, reviewed the display of posters along with the members of the Alumni Association and the faculty members and appreciated the excellent performance of the students in the poster competition.
The concluding session was held in the Auditorium Hall, which was presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalid Masood Gondal.
The Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University, Prof. Mahmood Ayaz, graced the event as the chief guest.
Dr. Athar Ahmed Saeed attended as the Guest of Honour.
During this session, Dr. Urooj Ali (Consultant Robotic Surgery) gave a comprehensive and awareness-raising lecture on Robotic Surgery to the participants.
Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal thanked the Chief Guest, Prof. Mahmood Ayaz, and the Alumni Associations for gracing the event. He described Dr. Urooj Ali is a role model for all students and Prof. Mahmood Ayaz as a role model for all of us for his highly commendable services. He further said that laparoscopic surgery started in Pakistan in 1991, and the trend towards robotic surgery is increasing day by day. Inshallah, the post-graduate program in robotic surgery will be approved in 2024.
President of the King Edward Medical College Alumni Association (UK) Dr. Tabinda Duggal, paid tribute to Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal and Prof. Mahmood Ayaz for their immense service in the field of medicine.
Dr. Warda Tariq Shafi from the Fatima Jinnah Medical College Alumni Association (UK) congratulated Vice-Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal for organizing this successful international conference.
At the end of the event, shields were distributed to the Chief Guest & guest speakers, and cash prizes & certificates were also distributed to the students who secured prominent positions in the poster competition.


  • Start Date:December 20, 2023
  • End Date:December 20, 2023