Fatima Jinnah Medical University will be the leading national academia offering leadership in medical education, research and community health services of international standards.


Fatima Jinnah Medical University will be the world class academia producing undergraduate, postgraduate healthcare professionals and research scholars demonstrating excellence in knowledge, skills, and empathetic values empowered with community oriented self-directed learning and professional development qualities to provide leadership in education, research and professional health services


Fatima Jinnah Medical University will strive for:

  • Providing a conducive learning environment of international standards for education and research
  • Inculcating empathetic and leadership qualities in its undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare providers contextual to local community and national needs
  • Providing community health services of high standards by its affiliated institutes and hospitals  
  • Achieving international standards by a continuous process of quality control, maintenance and enhancement


Fatima Jinnah Medical University will be able to:

  • Attain a position among top national universities listed by the Higher Education Commission
  • Create a conducive learning environment for undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars
  • Acquire research-oriented culture for evidence-based professional practices
  • Conduct high quality assessments to achieve the goals
  • Establish a dynamic Quality Enhancement Cell inculcating the tradition of internal and external audits in its faculty, students and the support staff.