A globally recognized center of excellence in health professional education, pioneering research and innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, fostering lifelong learning and leadership, setting highest sustainable standards to deliver exceptional community healthcare services


Fatima Jinnah Medical University will be a world-class academia producing healthcare professionals and research scholars demonstrating excellence in knowledge, skills, and empathetic values empowered with community-oriented, self-directed learning fostering professionalism and entrepreneurship to produce leaders in education, research, innovation, and quality health services


Fatima Jinnah Medical University will strive for:

  • Conducive learning environment of international standards for education, research, & innovation
  • Empathetic and leadership values of international level in its healthcare professionals contextual to the community & national needs
  • Community health services and outreach programs of high standards by its affiliated institutes and hospitals
  • Maintenance of international standards by a continuous process of quality control and enhancement


  • Attain a position among top universities recognized by national and international regulatory/recognizing/accrediting bodies
  • Create a conducive learning environment for evidence-based research and innovation
  • Acquire a research-oriented culture for values-based professional practices with leadership qualities
  • Conduct high-quality evaluations to ensure the achievement of the goals