Department of Medicine Unit 1

Prof. Dr. Bilques Shabbir

Chairperson & HOD Department of Medicine I
Phone: +92-42-99211145-53 Ext: 191

Introduction of the Department

Medical Unit I at Fatima Jinnah Medical University continues its legacy of professionalism, striving for excellence in medical care, research, and postgraduate training. Under the esteemed leadership of Professor Bilquis Shabbir, an alumnus honored as the Best Graduate of FJMU and recipient of the Presidential Pride of Performance award in 2023, the department aims for unparalleled achievements.

This Unit is recognized for training in FCPS Medicine, MD Medicine, FCPS Rheumatology, and FCPS Endocrinology. It receives the highest merit in both undergraduate and postgraduate trainees, showcasing its commitment to nurturing top-tier talent. Operating 48 hours of emergency services weekly, including a 24-hour Sunday special every three weeks, alongside two OPD days per week, this unit ensures continuous medical support.

At Medical Unit I, specialized clinics like the Diabetes Clinic and the state-of-the-art GI Unit offer Diagnostic & Therapeutic Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy & ERCP services. Additionally, it provides a dedicated Rheumatology outdoor facility biweekly, complemented by admission and short-stay facilities, a distinction as the second public sector unit recognized for level 4 FCPS training in Rheumatology.
The department’s comprehensive training, teaching, and evaluation program cater to Postgraduates, House Officers, and undergraduates. This structured program encompasses regular Morning Clinical Meetings, Journal Clubs, Case Presentations, Guideline Presentations, and TOACS following examination patterns. Prof. Bilquis Shabbir, aligning with the Vice Chancellor’s vision, has initiated workplace assessments recently.
Six days a week, early morning ward teachings are conducted for Postgraduate students, forming a crucial part of the educational regimen. The infrastructure includes a Library, Research Room, Procedure Room, and Classroom, all essential for fostering academic growth.
Medical Unit I takes pride in organizing numerous workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences on pivotal medical subjects, furthering its commitment to advancing medical knowledge and practices.
Dedicated to fostering research, the unit encourages and supports groundbreaking research initiatives. Faculty and students are actively involved in pioneering research projects spanning various medical domains, contributing to the body of knowledge in the medical field and promoting innovation and excellence in healthcare practices.


List of Faculty Members

Prof Dr Bilquis Shabbir
Dr Muhammad Ayub Naich
Dr Umbreen Aslam
Dr Bilal Azeem Butt

Professor & HOD
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor