Department of Urology & Kidney Transplant

Dr. Shams-ul-Islam

Chairperson & Head of  Department of Urology
Phone: +92-42-99211145-53 Ext: 191

Introduction of the Department

The Department of Urology, FJMU/ SGRH was established in 1998 with OPD basedservices only. During early phase, indoor paent beds were shared with Surgery Department. In 2002, a formal Urology Department was raised with 8 beds and an independent Urology Theater. The department was further upgraded and space was allocated for seng up of a well-equipped Urodynamic lab. The capacity of Department was further expanded to 16 beds in 2010. In 2018, as part of a massive turnaround, a new state of the art Urology Department started it operaons, with a new building having facility of 30 beds for admied paents, an Invesgave Lab, a Procedure Room, an Auditorium and a Lithotripsy Suit. The new revamped department comes with other infrastructural facilies including state of the art modular operaon theater nearing compleon. Once all facilies are fully funconal, the department aims to start kidney transplantaon procedures in near future. Department’s illustrious present is an outcome of relentless efforts and dedicaon of many contributors in past. The name of Dr. Khizar Hayat Gondal (Associate Professor) is of parcular prominence as his selfless services paved the way for growth, this department enjoys today. Currently headed by Prof. Naveed lqbal, the team includes one Associate Professor, one Assistant Professor, four Senior Registrars, twenty Medical Officers/ Women Medical Officers and four House Officers. The department also offers post graduate programs: FCPS and M.S. As of now, there are Twenty PGRs, with six on rotaon from General Surgery and Gynae. The OPD services are offered by the department twice a week and include: General Urology, Prostate Clinic, Male Inferlity, Urogynae Clinic etc. In addion, Indoor services and 24 hours Emergency and Invesgave Urology services are also offered. The department also provides operang facility twice a week covering open surgery, endoscopic procedures like TURP, Laser Source, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL), Laparoscopic surgeries, Radical surgeries and Reconstrucve surgeries.


List of Faculty Members

Dr. Shams-ul-Islam 
Dr. Shahjehan

Assistant Professor