Govt. Mozang Hospital, 37- Temple road Lahore was established in 1992 with 25-beds strength. Before that it was a metropolitan corporaon dispensary. Inially it was under the jurisdicon of District Government Lahore. It was declared as a teaching hospital and th affiliated with Fama Jinnah medical university Lahore on 19 November 2014. A new 20 bedded Gynae unit was constructed by the district government and total bed strength became 45. Currently Dr. M. Riaz is serving as MS of the Hospital. The hospital has fully funconal departments of Gynae, Radiology, Anaesthesia, Denstry, Paedes, Surgery, Emergency and Pathology. Furthermore, service provision is being carried out through a Family planning Centre and an EPI Centre. A Hepas clinic has been established in the Hospital, by Govt. of Punjab specialized health care and Medical Educaon Department where all the medicines and diagnosc tests are provided to the paents, free of cost. The Hospital also runs a successful Tuberculosis control program, with the collaboraon of District Health Authority, Lahore. All medicines and lab tests for Tuberculosis paents, are totally free. Fama Jinnah Medical University is supporng various services in Govt. Mozang Teaching Hospital. Currently Assistant Professors from Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department SGRH are vising on weekly basis for smooth funconing of Gynae/obstetrics Department at GTHM.