The origin of the Financial Aid Program dates back to the late 1960s. It started as an iniave by Prof. Rose Madan and Prof. Basharat Yousuf who entrusted Dr. Tasneem Amir (who was working as a demonstrator at the me) with the responsibility to organize a small fund for FJMC students who needed financial assistance. Dr. Tasneem Amir then started to informally reach out to donors and thus began what would later become one of the most well-organized and comprehensive financial assistance programs for medical students in the region. Dr. Sauda Maqsood took over from Dr. Tasnim Amir in the mid 80’s and connued in the same informal fashion ll 1998. It was in the late 90’s that the program had expanded enough and Dr Tasneem assembled an official Scholarship Commiee, comprising Prof. Iffat Badar, Prof. Nasreen Sharif and Prof. Muniza Qayyum to oversee its affairs. Dr. Tasnim Amir rered in 2002 and Prof. Nasreen Sharif was made the Chairperson of the Scholarship Commiee. She passed on the mantle to Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman who eventually handed it to Prof. Muniza Qayyum. Aer taking charge as Convener of the commiee, she instated Dr. Sofia Abbasi as the Deputy Director of the Financial Aid Program. As the program became more organized, more donors poured in. Prof. Sardar Fakhar Imam, who was the Vice Chancellor at the me, recruited PEF in 2015 which is currently one of the largest donors of the program. Prof. Aamer Zaman Khan is the Patron in Chief and Prof. Muniza Qayyum is Convener of the Scholarship commiee . The commiee aims to make quality educaon accessible to meritorious and financially challenged students. FJMU offers a personalized financial aid program to each admied student as per her financial needs. The financial need is assessed through the financial aid applicaon at the me of admission. Students are short-listed on the basis of their applicaons and then interviews are held to ensure transparency. Grants are subject to an annual review of a student’s financial circumstances and academic performance. The Financial Aid/ Scholarship Program, FJMU is supported by a large number of sincere and generous donors, on both Naonal and Internaonal level, who are ready to facilitate the students in form of fully funded financial assistance. The financial support to students includes college fee, hostel fee and mess fee. This helps financially challenged students to earn their degree with dignity and self respect. At present, the Financial Aid program is supported by various Government and Nongovernment organizaons, the details of which are as follows: