• January 31, 2024
Under the dynamic leadership of the esteemed Vice Chancellor of FJMU, Prof. Dr. Khalid Masud Gondal, a seminar on the Awareness and Prevention of Cervical Cancer was organized by the Department of Obst. & Gynae FJMU/ SGRH, focusing on educating patients. The Principal of FJMC/ HOD Obst. & Gynae Unit 2, FJMU/ SGRH Prof. Dr. Noreen Akmal, served as the Convener of the seminar, played a pivotal role in organizing this impactful event.
Renowned members of the National Healthcare Community participated in the seminar as guest speakers and facilitators.
The seminar started with the recitation of the Holy Quran.
In the opening address, Prof. Noreen Akmal shed light on the importance of patient education in the context of cervical cancer prevention. She also talked about “PREVENTION OF CERVICAL CANCER” stressing regular screening for pre-invasive diseases. She concluded her talk by emphasising the availability of HPV vaccination for the masses in Pakistan.
Prof. Ayesha Malik, Chairperson, Department of Obst. & Gyane, expertly walked the audience through the cancer disease burden in Pakistan and proposed strategies to combat it. She also vowed to make a one-stop clinic for cervical cancer in MCH/ FJMU as a state-of-the-art facility for cancer prevention and treatment.
Prof. Dr. Shamila Ijaz Munir delivered an excellent evidence-based talk on PAP SMEAR and its utility in cervical cancer prevention strategies.
Prof. Dr. Amna Zia Eusuph captivated the audience with a very elaborate talk on HPV testing and its implications.
Dean Basic Sciences, FJMU Prof. Aliya Zahid, briefed about genetic factors and their implications for cervical cancer, particularly in Pakistan.
A representative from the Chughtai Institute of Pathology, Dr. Rafya, enlightened the participants with liquid-base cytology.
Dr. Mahham Janjua, Dr. Alia Zainab, Dr. Shazia Haider, and Shazia Sehgal served as facilitators of the seminar.
Various presentations focused on “Preventing Cervical Cancer were delivered, in which the Patient-Centric Approach” covered key aspects such as early detection, vaccination, and lifestyle choices were emphasized. The presentations aimed to empower attendees with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.
The seminar concluded with a truthful vote of thanks extended by Prof. Noreen Akmal to all the distinguished guests.
The event concluded with a group photo, capturing the spirit of collective commitment to cervical cancer prevention through education.
This highly informative educational activity created an impact of knowledge and empowerment for participants. It was concluded with the take-home message of promoting patient information and education in lieu of the international campaign slogan “Learn, Prevent, and Screen.


  • Start Date:January 31, 2024
  • End Date:January 31, 2024