• December 12, 2023
A pre-scientific conference workshop on “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR)” was organised at Fatima Jinnah Medical University on December 12, 2023 by Department of QEC/Medical Unit 1. The esteemed Vice Chancellor, FJMU Prof. Dr. Khalid Masud Gondal (Tamgha e Imtiaz & Presidential Pride of Performance), graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Prof. Dr. Bilquis Shabbir, Chairperson Department of Medicine/Director Quality Enhancement Cell/Dean Nursing & Organizing Secretary for the Annual Scientific Conference was the chief organizer for the event.
Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Kamran Khalid Khawaja, Principal FJMC/Director DME Prof. Dr. Noreen Akmal, Dean Undergraduate Prof. Aisha Malik, faculty members, and final year students attended the workshop.
Ms. Shakira Khursheed, Senior Examiner of Patents, Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) of Pakistan, graced the occasion as Guest Speaker.
The Vice Chancellor, FJMU Prof. Dr. Khalid Masud Gondal, thanked the guest speaker and the participants. He shared his valuable remarks with the participants about the importance of this workshop. In the context of this workshop, he presented a live demonstration of the CPSP e-Portal Monitoring System, which is for Trainees, Supervisors and Fellows, and informed the participants about how copyrighs have been attained for the software. He expressed his gratitude to Prof. Bilquis Shabbir, Director of QEC, and the QEC department for setting up this workshop exceptionally well. Additionally, he commended Prof. Dr. Huma Kiyani, Head of Ophthalmology Department, and the Department of Ophthalmology for efficiently performing the Cornea Transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.
Ms. Shakira Khursheed stated during her speech that intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in commerce. It’s protected by various laws, giving the creator or owner exclusive rights over the use of their creation for a certain period. She also gave participants an overview of the many forms of intellectual property, such as:
i) Patents: which protect inventions and grant the inventor exclusive rights for a certain period, allowing them to control the use, production, and sale of the invention.
ii) Copyright: which protects original works of authorship, such as books, music, software, and artistic creations, giving the creator the exclusive right to use and distribute their work.
iii) Trademarks: which protect symbols, names, and slogans used by businesses to identify and distinguish their products or services from others in the market.
iv) Trade secrets: which protect confidential information that provides a competitive advantage to a company and is kept secret to maintain its value (e.g., formulas, processes). and
v) Industrial Designs: which protects the visual design of objects that are used in industry or as commercial products.
She said these protections encourage innovation and creativity by providing incentives to creators and inventors, allowing them to benefit from their work and investment in research and development.
At the end, souvenir was presented to the guest speaker, followed by a group photo.


  • Start Date:December 12, 2023
  • End Date:December 12, 2023