FJMU Tops HE Ranking, Securing #1 Position Among Medical Universities!

  • March 16, 2024
FJMU has achieved the prestigious No. 1 ranking among all medical universities globally, according to the HE Higher Education Ranking, marking a significant milestone in the institution’s journey. Additionally, FJMU proudly stands at the 39th position among all participating universities worldwide in this renowned ranking. This remarkable feat is attributed to the visionary leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masud Gondal and the diligent efforts of the QEC-FJMU team, led by Prof. Bilquis Shabbir, Director QEC/ Chairperson Medicine/Dean Nursing, who meticulously applied for the 2024 edition of the HE Higher Education Ranking. The results, based on 25 criteria, were unveiled on 15-03-2024, with FJMU securing an impressive total of 7234 points. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the faculty, staff, students, and alumni for their invaluable contributions to this outstanding accomplishment. This achievement underscores FJMU’s unwavering commitment and persistent endeavors in providing excellence in education and service to both its esteemed students and the wider community.
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  • Start Date:March 16, 2024
  • End Date:March 16, 2024