• December 9, 2022
A PreSymposium Workshop on ‘ Labour Care Guide” was conducted in Gynae unit.1 under the patronship of VC.FJMU Prof.Khalid M Gondal (TI & POP)& supervision and organisation of Pro.VC.Prof.Shamsa Hamayun in the Khaliq Audiotrium.
*It started with the recitation of the Holy Quran.
*The facilitation was done by Associate Professor, Dr.Saima Chaudry and the Coordinator was Senior Registrar, Dr.Qura Mahmood.
*It was keenly attended by the Trainees and House Officers.
*They were demonstrated and taught the basics of Labour, its plotting on the WHO.partogram, the action and alert lines and when to intervene in case of slow progress or some Labour complication.
*At the end , a labour case scenerio was displayed and a partogram was given to all to fill according to the scenario.
*The workshop was graced by the presence of VC-FJMU prof. Khalid M Gondal (TI & POP), he was welcomed by unit head. He appreciated the Head of department, Prof.Shamsa Humayun and his team for carrying regular their teaching and learning activities and the candidates for their interest.
He praised their hard work to look after and manage the huge work load of gynae.
* At the end the candidates were awarded with certificate of participation.


  • Start Date:December 9, 2022
  • End Date:December 9, 2022