(1) The Chancellor may direct inspection or inquiry into the affairs of the University.

(2) The Chancellor shall convey the views with regard to the result of the inspection or inquiry to the Syndicate and may, after ascertaining the views of the  Syndicate, recommend any remedial action to the Syndicate.

(3) The Syndicate shall, within the time specified by the Chancellor, submit a  report to the Chancellor about the action taken on the recommendation of the Chancellor.

(4) If the Syndicate fails to take action to the satisfaction of the Chancellor within the specified time, the Chancellor may issue such direction as the Chancellor deems appropriate and the Syndicate shall comply with the direction.

(5) The Chancellor may set aside a decision or action of the Syndicate, which, in the opinion of the Chancellor, is against the law, interest of academic excellence of the University, religious or cultural ideology, or national integrity.