(1) Subject to this Act, the Vice Chancellurt, shall be the chief executive officer of the University and shall ensure that the provisions of the Act, statutes, regulations and rules are faithfully observed.

(2) The Vice Chancelior may attend a meeting of any Authority or body of the University.

(3) Subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, the Vice Chancellor may, in an emergency, take an action which is not otherwise- in the-competence of the Vice Chancellor but is within the competence of any Authority.

(4) The Vice Chancellor shall, within seven days of taking an action under subsection (3), submit a report of the action taken to the Pro-Chancellor and to the members of the Syndicate and.the Syndicate shall, within forty five days of such an action of the Vice Chancellor, pass such order as the Syndicate deems appropriate.

(5) Subject to the general supervision and control of the Syndicate, the Vice Chancellor may:

  • direct a teacher, officer or other employee of the University to take up an assignment in connection with examination, administration or any other activity in relation to the University
  • sanction by re-appropriation an amount for an unforeseen item not provided for in the budget of the University,
  • make appointments of such categories of employees of the University and in such manner as may be prescribed
  • take disciplinary action against a teacher, officer or any other employee of the University in the prescribed manner
  • delegate, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, any of his powers to a teacher or officer of the University; and
  • exercise such other powers as may be prescribed or as may be assigned by the Syndicate.

(6) The Vice Chancellor shall prepare an annual report containing information as regards the preceding academic year including disclgsure of all relevant facts pertaining to academics, research, administration and finances of the University.

(7) The Vice Chancellor shall, within three months of the end of an academic year, submit the annual report of the University to the Syndicate.