Subject to the provisions of this Act and the statutes, the Syndicate may, on the recommendation of the Academic Council, frame regulations in respect of all or any of the following matters:

  1. (a)courses of study for degrees, diplomas and certificates of the University;
  2. (b)manner and method of teaching conducted in the University;
  3. (c)admission of students to the University and conditions under which they are admitted or allowed to take courses and examinations of the University and become eligible for the award of degrees, diplomas and certificates;
  4. (d)fees and other charges to be paid by students for admission to the courses of studies and the examinations of the University;
  5. (e)conduct of examinations;
  6. (f)conduct and discipline of students of the University;
  7. (g)conditions of residence of the students of the University including the levying of fee for residence in halls of residence and hostels and approval of hostels and lodgings for students;
  8. (h)conditions for acquiring research degrees;
  9. (i)institution of fellowships, scholarships, medals and prizes;
  10. (j)institution of stipends and free and half-free studentships;
  11. (k)academic costumes;
  12. (I)use of the library;
  13. (m)formation of teaching departments and Boards of Studies; and
  14. (n)all other matters which under this Act or the statutes are to be or may be prescribed by regulations.

(2)          The Academic Council shall prepare and submit the regulations to the Syndicate and the Syndicate may approve them with or without modifications or refer them back to the Academic Council for reconsideration or reject them.