The Selection Board shall consist of:

  • (a)Vice Chancellor (chairperson);
  • (b)Secretary to the Government, Health Department or his nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary;
  • (c) one member of the Syndicate to be nominated by the Syndicate;
  • (d)Dean of the faculty concerned:
  • (e)chairperson concerned;
  • (f)one eminent scholar to be nominated by the Syndicate;
  • (g)two eminent doctors or scientists in the concerned field to be nominated as experts by the Government; and
  • (h)Registrar (Secretary).

(2)he members, other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for a period of three years.

(3) Five members including at least one expert shall constitute the quorum for a meeting of the Selection Board.

(4) No member who is a candidate or whose family member is a candidate, for a post to which appointment is to be made, shall take part in the proceedings of the Selection Board for selection of a candidate for such post.

(5) In selection of candidates for the post of Professor or Associate Professor, the Selection Board shall co-opt or consult three experts in the subject and in selecting candidates for any other teaching post, two experts in the subject, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from a standing list of experts for each subject approved by the Syndicate.

(6) The Syndicate may approve or revise the standing list of experts of a subject on the recommendation of the Selection Board.